About Aligned Education

Our Vision

To transform the way education is both thought of and done, so that the unique brilliance and strengths of each individual are celebrated, supported and evolved. Our leading edge transformative approaches and models are adopted and championed everywhere.

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster success (academic and otherwise) by transforming the connection between kids and the people who love them.

What is Aligned Education?

Aligned Education transforms the way we understand and actualize education. Our learning programs offer a selection of tools and approaches that empower students of all kinds to dive into their education by embracing their own unique brilliance and strengths. By implementing our inclusive modalities, the classroom evolves into a harmonious and empowering learning environment for all parties involved.

Aligned Education helps students, parents, caregivers, educators and service providers communicate in a way that is inclusive and celebrates the individuality and strengths of each person. We integrate a collection of social emotional learning modalities centered on inclusion and inner strength, not limited to: Nurtured Heart Approach®, Integral Theory, Montessori and other contemplative practices/education.

How we do it…

We empower students to align with an education that excites them and builds skillsets that foster cohesive relationships with their educators, parents and with themselves. It’s not about changing the curriculum; it’s about changing the connections that occur in the classroom and at home.

We do this by reframing education with diversified and leading edge approaches that suit the needs of every kind of student while celebrating their unique abilities and strengths that might otherwise be overlooked or unappreciated.


Our Logo

Our logo is a visual representation of our work/play. If you look closely you can see an infinity symbol set slightly on its side at the base of the logo, representing the interior (the circle with the heart in it) and exterior (in this case it is open with the two small leaves emerging) of human experience. The point where the lines cross over each other is also where the logo moves upward, growing like a tree. This is the point of alignment, where our inner beliefs and values meet and hopefully come to align with our outer experience in the world.

The colors come from the AutismPalooza event we put on in 2014, magenta meaning LOVE, blue meaning CREATE and green meaning THRIVE. The two hearts reference the Nurtured Heart Approach®, which is a foundational part of Aligned Education™. Puzzle pieces are often used as a symbol referring to autism. The heart composed of puzzle pieces embodies the concepts of love, create and thrive that we recognize and celebrate in the people we know on the spectrum.

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