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Below is a reply I wrote to an amazing post about a young man whose mom has been a huge advocate of his greatness. She has fearlessly moved forward to get him into a school program that celebrates his greatness and fosters a culture where all students learn. There were some teachers and administrators at the old school who really focused on and defined behaviors as negative and reacted punitively towards this young man.

“Many teachers and administrators have been hurt by the system themselves and have lost their passion and motivation. When I was going through teacher training myself, I was taught methods of “classroom management” that I later learned actually made behaviors worse and did not work for my students.

There is a common mainstream belief that a teacher should keep “control” of her students. I learned quickly that my students needed to be recognized and energized for their greatness, for what makes them awesome. Kids labeled as “discipline problems” became leaders, kids who were squirrelly had high physical intelligence. I started helping other teachers, and many parents, learn to change the lenses they looked through. This is no small feat, this is monumental! It is completely different then what the mainstream model is pressuring teachers to do. IEP meetings would be set up as battles to prove whose fault it was, and how “broken” or “messed up” a kid was.

Thankfully I found the Nurtured Heart Approach® and became a certified trainer.

The vast majority of mainstream conventional models only work a little with some kids. They are based on the idea of control and punishment, and on making kids (as well as teachers and parents) get in line and follow directions.

The statistics show that most teachers won’t make it past 5 years of teaching. I made it exactly 5 and then left so I could teach NHA and help our country change the way we both think about and do education. It is time for the schools like the one that mistreated your son to learn a new way. And time for there to be a “standard” based on the goodness, the awesomeness, of the unique gift that each individual kid is.”

We can and we are changing this. If any of you would like to watch one of my FREE 1 hour live webinars that explain more about the Nurtured Heart Approach, there are two coming up: Wed Nov 11 at 10am (PT) or Mon Nov 16 at 5pm (PT), register at and/or I’d love to strategize about getting NHA into places like the school that is mistreating kids.

Thank you for being such an incredible advocate, I can feel the love, intelligence and compassion radiating from this community!

With great appreciation, Micki

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