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Autism, Love and Learning: A Documentary for Parents, Teachers and Caregivers

This documentary film is our video care package for you! It is a great gift to share with the parents, teachers, caregivers and service providers in your life to reframe the relationship with those you love who are on the autism spectrum and/or who otherwise might have an atypical nervous system.

We’ve found it can be helpful to share the video with bus drivers, food service providers, youth club staff and anyone who might interact with a kid on the spectrum who might not know much about autism. In this video Micki very directly points out what a huge impact individuals in such roles can have on the lives of kids.

Micki O’Brien/Aligned Education – In the News

Bullying Prevention Expert Micki was included as an expert in the Expert Roundup for National Bullying Prevention Month on ProfNetSM The Expert Connection for October, 2015. This is a list of experts available to discuss queries in the areas of bullying prevention and inclusion.

Podcast on the Nurtured Heart Approach® & Autism: Changing Perspectives

Featuring Micki, three other NHA practitioners who work with people on the spectrum, and Howard Glasser, creator of NHA.

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