FREE 1 Hour - Intro to the Nurtured Heart Approach®

FREE 1 HR- Introduction to NHA Webinar

Why choose the Nurtured Heart Approach®?

1 Hour – Introduction to the Nurtured Heart Approach Webinar

Being used effectively all around the globe by families, schools and organizations, NHA is a way to take your parenting, teaching and other interactions with kids to the next level.

Thousands of families and hundreds of schools and other organizations are finding increased academic success, decreased behavioral issues, and more time to focus on the good stuff in teaching, parenting and working with kids. Originally created to use with “challenging” kids, NHA has had a transformative effect on kids considered ADHD/ADD, on the autism spectrum and otherwise to have atypical nervous systems…AND it is effective for all kids (and their parents, teachers and service providers).

If you have an “intense” kid in your life, or one who is considered ADD/ADHD, or to be on the autism spectrum, NHA could be what you are looking for.

This course is a live 1 hour webinar introduction to NHA for anyone who is new to Nurtured Heart Approach®. With stories and examples, it will give you a taste of what NHA is about.

Training available for your group, school or organization:

  • Date/Time TBD – Dependent upon availability.

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