Are You Ready?

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Were you excited to become a parent? Did you feel a calling to work with kids? Has that excitement or feeling of purpose faded? Are you ready to enjoy parenting or working with kids again? Aligned Education is designed to help you re-ignite that excitement and purpose! Not to go back to the past, but to move forward into the future grounded in those feelings AND ready with new skills and tools that simply build on the greatness of who you are and what is working in each moment.

Are you ready?

I’d like to start by acknowledging that you care enough about kids to seek out this information. You are taking the time and energy to read this when you could be playing a game or answering email or talking to a friend. But you’re not, you’re here.

Now, I’m going to share with you my ALL TIME FAVORITE TOOL in my working and playing with kids toolbox, “THE REFRAME”. One of the reasons this is such a great tool is that it comes in a diversity of shapes and sizes to fit different situations and personalities. And the reframe even comes with a fine-tuning adjustment built in!

The best way to start is to pick a situation that has been bugging you. One that you keep thinking about, that you just have a nagging sense that things aren’t going as well as they could be. My example is a teenage boy who was put into one of my classes who just would not sit down or listen, at all, ever. I could tell he was intelligent but I could not understand why he was continuously disruptive.

Next, ask a question about the situation, a question that comes from the perspective that everyone is doing the best they can given the tools and experience they have. (Including you, by the way!) I worked at a school once where the philosophy was that all behavior is communication. So I decided to ask, “What might he be trying to communicate with these behaviors?” Now, take a breath and slow down. You don’t need to ANSWER the question, you’re looking for a way to get your mind to consider different perspectives.

What you’ve done so far is to partially take the “old” frame off the situation. To begin creation of the “new” frame, look for what has worked with this situation. In my example, I’d noticed that when my teaching assistant gave him a leadership job he always completed it thoroughly, and was focused and thoughtful. So I decided to reframe the situation to be that this young man had great, untapped leadership skills and that he was at his best when he played a leadership role. I used this reframe to work with him directly and to help the other teachers appreciate his gifts and build on his successes, as well.

A reframe like this can be applied in any situation. From there we can start to see the positive qualities that are evident in each moment. A kid who talks a lot has something to say. A kid who moves a lot has physical intelligence. A kid who plays elaborate video games non-stop has an amazing imagination and visual intelligence.

We each want to be seen for who we really are. This is the beauty of the reframe. We’re creating a “new” frame that sees the unique gift of the kid in the situation, where before the frame was around something that was considered wrong or broken. If you’re ready to re-ignite your former purpose and excitement, the reframe is a great tool to start your journey with!

Thank you for joining us on our Mickilicious Musings inaugural blog! Please post an example of a reframe you’re working with and/or questions or comments about using this transformational process.

To your brilliance,


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